Awkward Christmas Card Fails For All Time

It’s the time of year your mailbox begins to fill up with Holiday greetings from family, friends and some people you never hear from anymore except for their Christmas card every year. These Christmas card fails usually come from that last category of senders. Yeah, there’s a reason you don’t talk to them anymore.

What’s not to lovingly admire?

I think we know where their Christmas dinner is coming from

How do you spell JOY?

I think it was the baby in the cardboard box that set this kid off.

One of those branches is wilting fast.

You’ve been warned… – Awkward Christmas Card Fails For All Time

Family Togetherness


He’s Doing His Best to Keep It Together

Let’s not be at each other’s throats again this Christmas

The 90s Background Makes the Shot

Nothing says Christmas like a monkey in a dress

Temporarily blinded by Joy

The costumes need to be back before 5:00

It’s really about the kids, right?