12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get This Christmas

Hosting or going to an ugly Christmas sweater party during the holidays can be great. Competitive people will love to try to win the best prize, while others just have a good time with their ugly sweaters. Finding the ugly sweater is part of the fun and this year Amazon upped their game to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. If you’re looking to have a little fun this holiday season, try out one of these ugly Christmas sweaters that will surely be a hit at your ugly sweater party. 

Gingerbread Abs

Who doesn’t like a ripped Gingerbread man showing off his gains? This hilarious sweater comes in four different colors, green, black, blue, and grey, and is great for anyone looking to get a laugh with their gym bros. 

Passed Out Santa

Maybe Christmas this year was a little much for Santa. Enjoy this ugly sweater with Santa showing how we all feel the night before Christmas, stuffed with cookies and exhausted. The sweater also comes with a hood for those extra cold areas. 

Santa Riding a Unicorn – 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get This Christmas

Need we say more. This sweater is both ugly and hilarious, featuring Santa riding a rainbow unicorn through the air. It features a mesh of classic holiday snowflakes and lights and is so bright you might not know what to do with it once you have it on.  

Ugly Dog

This sweater takes the cake for being ugly. It features a forest green color with a wide variety of candy canes, Santa hats, and bells floating around it. Directly in the center is a dog rocking its own ugly sweater and a pair of festive sunglasses. What more do you need? 

Vibing Llamas

Getting matching llama sweaters with your partner and be the life of your ugly sweater party. This black sweater features llamas that are decked out in Christmas lights that actually light up. Your friends will love your extra festive ugly sweaters that you might wear them again next year. 

Fiery Cat – 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get This Christmas

There is something about cats of ugly sweaters that just takes the cake. This sweater features a boxing cat, yes you heard correctly, a boxing cat with flames shooting from its mouth while defending its Christmas gifts and tree. There is no way you won’t win the sweater contest with this bad boy. 

Trident Santa 

We love a good under water moment and Santa riding a shark is perfect for this holiday season. Grab this sweater that is flawless with Santa being majestic as he rides a shark through the ocean like a festive King Trident.

T- Rex

Show your love for the prehistoric times with an ugly sweater featuring none other then a giant T-rex. Santa delivering Christmas cheer with reindeers in no more, instead he rides with a T-rex to deliver all his presents this holiday season.  

Dabbin Santa – 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get This Christmas

Dabbing might not be cool anymore but this ugly sweater featuring a dabbing Santa will still bring the holiday cheer. Pick your favorite color to wear, they offer almost 20 different color options, and dab along with your Santa all night long.

Basketball Santa 

If you love sports, then this sweater is perfect for you. Santa is showing his holiday friends whose boss by dunking on them in this sweater. It’s a simple sweater that is perfect to get your message across and honestly could be worn more then once during the season. 

Meme Cat

We’ve all seen the meme of the women yelling and the cat giving a dirty look. Now it’s been turned into an ugly sweater. Keep the meme alive at your party with this perfect ugly sweater that will easily take the win when you match the cats look yourself throughout the party. 

For the person who hates sweaters – 12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get This Christmas

Ok, sweaters are too hot for you, we understand. Instead get this shirt that reads “this is my ugly Christmas sweater” to show your friends at least you tried to make the effort. They will be shocked that you didn’t show up in a sweater, you might win. 

Amazon is filled with amazing Christmas sweaters that will perfectly match whatever aesthetic you’re going for at your ugly party. No matter what you’re feeling, Amazon will have something for everyone and most of the sweaters come in a variety of sizes and prices.