10 Highly-Rated PC FPS Games You Can Get Right Now

Shooters make up one of the most timeless genres in the world of video games, stretching back to classic games on a variety of platforms. But the long history of shooting games hasn’t stopped developers from improving on existing formulas, and the last few years have seen the releases of some incredible shooters. Here are some of our favorites FPS games you can get right now.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Metascore: 86)

While it wasn’t the first battle royale game (nor will it be the last), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is considered by many gamers to have perfected the formula. With the options to play solo, in pairs, or in squads of 4, you’ll be coming back to PUBG long after you start playing.

Overwatch (Metascore: 91)

Available on consoles and PC, Overwatch brings team-based gameplay to a wider audience. While the cartoon aesthetic and enjoyable mechanics make it a great game to pick up and play, it also has the complexity and depth to make it extremely difficult to master (and addictive).

DOOM (Metascore: 85) – 10 Highly-Rated PC FPS Games You Can Get Right Now

A revival of one of gaming’s most beloved series, this was the first DOOM game since DOOM 3 came out in 2004. Intent on bringing back the fast-paced campaign mode that made DOOM so popular in the first place, the developers also added multiplayer, with traditional modes like team deathmatch as well as others such as Soul Harvest.

Far Cry 5 (Metascore: 78)

Another successful installment in the long-running Far Cry series, Far Cry 5 brings the story to the United States, where a cult known as the Project is in the process of taking control of Hope County, Montana. With both an exciting open world and intriguing story mode, Far Cry 5 is among the best games of any genre to come out this year.

Titanfall 2 (Metascore: 86)

Building on the successes and improving on the failures of the original game, Titanfall 2 brought the series to new heights. In addition to the classic titan-based multiplayer gameplay introduced by the first Titanfall, the second installment features an incredibly well-executed campaign for those who prefer to play on their own.

Battlefield 1 (Metascore: 88) – 10 Highly-Rated PC FPS Games You Can Get Right Now

Battlefield 1 brought one of gaming’s most well-known shooting series back to a historical setting after several installments set in current times or the near future. In addition to authentic guns and gear from the era of World War 1, Battlefield 1 also puts a heavy emphasis on dynamic weather conditions and building destruction.

Destiny 2 (Metascore: 83)

Part of a larger trend in the world of gaming toward online-only experiences, the Destiny series has always been about high-quality online gameplay, with Destiny 2 polishing many aspects of its predecessor. With a more robust story than the first installment, Destiny 2 is generally seen as a significant improvement.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Metascore: 87) – 10 Highly-Rated PC FPS Games You Can Get Right Now

Another example of a retro series brought back in a fresh new way, Wolfenstein II brings additional improvements and new elements over its predecessor. If you enjoyed the alternate history of earlier games in the Wolfenstein line, you’ll be right at home here.

Gears of War 4 (Metascore: 86)

Finally bringing the series to the current generation of consoles after a five year wait, Gears of War 4, which was developed by a new team, is often seen as taking it in a new direction. Taking place 25 years after the series left off, Gears 4 involves new characters fighting against enemies new to the series.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Metascore: 73) – 10 Highly-Rated PC FPS Games You Can Get Right Now

An intensely competitive team-based shooter often compared to the Counter-Strike series, Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the main shooters on the esports scene. Fans of tactical, fast-paced gameplay in which a second can make all the difference will love Rainbow Six Siege.