Vintage Photos Show What It Was Like to Fly In Style In The 1970s

Flying has never been cheaper or safer than it is today–but for the everyday domestic passenger, it’s rarely an enjoyable experience. Airlines charge for checked baggage (some even for carry-ons like Spirit), the TSA lines can be long and arduous and once you get to your seat, you’re packed in like a sardine. 

The realities of air travel today can make anyone wish for a more civilized era of better service, roomier cabins and plush lounges in the sky that make a trip across the country an experience to remember. 

Many of us weren’t around to experience what it felt like to fly in style and stress free. Luckily we’ve discovered vintage photos from once-mighty airlines like Pan Am, Continental Airlines and Braniff to give you a feel for what flying the friendly skies in the 1970s was all about. 

Braniff Airways 747 Upper Deck Lounge 1970s

Dallas, TX based Braniff International Airways was founded in 1928 by Paul Revere Braniff and his brother, Thomas who financed the venture. This glamorous lounge was available on the company’s only 747 from Dallas to Honolulu, HI. 

In the late 1970s, Braniff was one of the fastest-growing airlines in the country. But by the early 80s, deregulation of the industry had taken its toll and Braniff ceased operations in May 1982.