Top 10 Best Superhero Movies

With Captain Marvel opening this weekend, we’ve updated our top 10 best superhero movies list. From the early stages for film making and television, super heroes have always been a staple of the visual arts. Flash Gordon, Zorro, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Superman, Batman and more have all graced the silver screen, with some movies more memorable than others.

The small screen has also seen a plethora movies and series dedicated to comic book super heroes. Superman and Batman have certainly been staples for the small screen but there have been productions of Spiderman, Captain America, The Green Hornet, Buck Rogers, and many more.

Whether wide or small screen, super heroes have fascinated audiences of every generation. However, the most recent crop of movies and shows have extended the genre both visually and from a story telling standpoint. The renaissance for this genre has its roots in many different projects but the 1978 Alexander Salkind production of Superman with Christopher Reeve raised the bar both visually and from a store perspective. There were several sequels to the film before subsequent reboots.

Batman has also gone through several manifestations over the years. Adam West breathed new life into the caped crusader in both the television series and a wide screen production, but it was the 1989 production of Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson that really gave the dark knight gravitas on the big screen.

Marvel began to hit its stride starting in 2000 with the popular X-Men movies and subsequent Wolverine spins featuring Hugh Jackman and Spider-Man in 2002 where Tobey Maguire perfectly personified the comic book character Peter Parker and his super spider enhanced alter ego.

Since that time, we’ve been blessed with a plethora of television shows and movies that have really extended the genre of the superhero movie. Captain Marvel is the latest and we’ll see more heroes later in the year as movie studios capitalize on our fascination with super hero characters and stories; but here are our picks for the top 10 best superhero movies of all time.

No, Captain Marvel isn’t on it but it is a fantastic movie and well worth seeing.