Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Classic Rides and Attractions At Disneyland and Disney World

The Imagineers and cast members at Disney parks work very hard to ensure your visit to Disneyland, Disney World and other parks transport you to another time and place–where the worries of the modern world are left behind at the gates and daily concerns melt away.

Well…stuff happens. The fact is, attractions break down, the lights need to come on and despite their best efforts, the veil is lifted. Nowadays, that means that the phones come out and photos are instantly posted online revealing what things look like behind the scenes. For millions of fans and park visitors, how things work backstage is a source of ongoing fascination. Some people see magic tricks and but can’t rest until they find out how the illusion really works. Much is the same for us who can’t get enough backstage photos and inside information on how things really work behind the magic curtain. It’s yet another dimension of our fascination (and sometimes frustration) with all things Disney. 

  1. 1 Space Mountain with the lights on!

  2. 2 It's amazing how they packed all that track into such a relatively small space.

  3. 3 3 Levels of riders all stuck on Space Mountain Magic Kingdom