Vacation Deals and Travel Destinations for Those Who Love To Eat

Vacations can be indulgent without interrupting normal diets or encouraging overeating. Tourists who lead healthy lifestyles can enjoy exotic international trips and savor delicious local cuisine without compromising their metabolism or their beliefs. Three cities in particular offer a wide variety of delicious and nutritious dining options for visitors.

Even vegans and vegetarians will feel welcome in Crete, Logroño and Naha, thanks to an emphasis on fresh produce and other plant-based ingredients. In these sunny and inviting locations, vacation is no excuse to gain weight and a special diet is no excuse to miss out on exotic new flavors. Thanks to their delicious but healthy cuisine and walkable, beautiful scenery, those with less healthy habits might even return home in better shape.

Crete, Greece

The Earth is fertile and the plant life is thriving on Greek’s biggest island, where the healthiest staples of the Mediterranean diet grow in abundance, especially wild-growing herbs. That’s good news for locals too, because Harvard researchers recently discovered a definitive link between Mediterranean food and longer lifespans. Greece wisely even follows its own food pyramid, an alternative to the dairy- and meat-heavy American version.