Disneyland Rides and Attractions That Are Closed for Good

Since Disneyland’s opening in 1955, there have been a long list of rides and attractions that have come and gone. Some gave way to more modern and exciting rides, while others became too expensive to maintain. You can still experience a number of these old rides through vintage Disneyland photos and YouTube postings from Disneyland visitors who brought their old movie cameras to document their experience. Who would have thought that years later, thousands of people from all over the world would be watching their home movies?

Luckily for us, we can relive or experience for the first time what it was like to experience these retired rides that are long gone but not forgotten. Here’s a list of old Disneyland rides sorted by “land” then alphabetically.

You’ll note that Tomorrowland has the most ride turnover for obvious reasons, but there are also a number of early attractions that didn’t last long as Walt and company learned more about what visitors wanted in those early days of the park.

  1. 1 Adventure Thru Inner Space 1967 - 1985

    Location: Tomorrowland

    Opening date: August 5, 1967
    Closing date: September 2, 1985

    Replaced by: Monsanto Hall Of Chemistry, which was then replaced by Star Tours.