Check Out This Rare Disneyland Memorabilia Collected by Former Cast Members

Recently, an auction was held featuring over 800 pieces of iconic Disneyland memorabilia from over the past 60 years of the park’s history.

The exhibition and auction titled “Remembering Disneyland”, was held by Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California on December 16, 2017. The gallery says the exhibition, “tells the story of Disneyland through the memories and experiences of former Cast Members, performers, and individuals who have had a role in the legacy of the park.”

This large and varied collection of items included items like original wardrobe, concept art, props, vintage souvenirs, rare attraction posters, and even a 1954 Disneyland prospectus (it sold for $9,250). A lot of the items came from former cast members who worked at the park many years ago but held onto items like ID Badges, hats, patches and other items from uniforms of all kinds.

The collection also included items from Walt Disney World, EPCOT, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. Since it’s opening in 1955, an estimated 650 million guests have visited Disneyland–almost double the size of the current U.S. population. As a result, generations of enthusiasts have created a thriving marketplace for any memorabilia that helps them recapture the magic of a visit to the park.

While the auction may have ended, Eaton Galleries still features a lot of comparatively inexpensive items you can purchase directly from their website now if you’re so inclined. Here are some of the items still available for sale online. 

  1. 1 1961 Disneyland Gate Flyer